2017 Know Your Enemy: Makeup Dept Head

2017 In Absence of Good Men: Makeup f.x. for Milo Gibson

2016 Sound Wave: Dept head

2016 I Hate the Man in my Basement: Makeup Dept Head

2015 Unhinged: Makeup Dept head (Staring Sean Patrick Flanery and Eric Balfor) 

2015 The Tangle: Key Makeup/ Hair

2015 Paracites: Makeup fx dept head 

2015 Victims: Makeup team

2015 Shock : key special effects makeup

2015 Farrar : Makeup team

2014 Most Likely to Die: Two Hours in the Dark team

2014 S&M Sally: Key Makeup

2014 The Vanished: Makeup 

2014 Happy Birthday: Special Effects Makeup

2013 Essence of Eternity: Special Effects makeup / Makeup


2017 Lenovo "Myth" :Makeup

2017 Maltesers (fullscreen Productions): Makeup

2017 Levono "odd couple" (The Woo Productions): Makeup

2016 Canon: Makeup/ hair

2016 Gordman's Commercial : Special effects makeup/ Makeup

2015 Levono "a cappella" ( The Woo Productions): Makeup

2015 Kuvee -sandwich video productions: Makeup

You Tube Channel

2017 Designated short (Studio 71- The Rock Channel): Makeup/hair

2017 BroScience Life Pilot (Studio 71- The Rock Channel): Makeup/ hair

2017 Mik Mak Parody (Missy Model): Makeup/ hair

2017 Nick Mundy Sketch (Studio 71- The Rock Channel): Makeup/ Hair

2017 Song of the Summer (Studio 71-The Rock Channel): Makeup/ hair

2017 Logan Paul and The Rock (Studio 71-The Rock Channel): Makeup/ hair

2017 Ford/ The Rock surprises U.S. Veteran (Studio 71-The Rock Channel): Makeup/ hair

2016 The Millennials the Musical (The Rock Channel): Makeup/hair

Reality TV

2017 Belly Art (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 Wedding Dress Challenge (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 Advice Show (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 Almost Perfect Life Hacks (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 37 Questions (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 Fathers Day Sketch (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 Color Tu Casa (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 Nurseries under 1000 series (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 GloZell (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 Nurseries under 1000 series (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 Color tu Casa (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 37 questions parody (Awesomeness TV): Makeup

2017 Almost perfect life hacks ( Awesomeness TV): Makeup


2017 Road Trip America: Key Makeup

2016 Renegades : Special effects team

2015 Officer Down: Special effects/ Beauty

2015 Cozmo,s : Special effects artist/ Makeup 

2014 Scream pilot : Two Hours in the Dark team

2014 Starland P.C. : Key Makeup

 Short Films

2017 Fake Your Drowning (George Daley Productions): Makeup

2017 Strings short film: Makeup

2017 Night Breed: Special Effects Makeup

2017 Legacy short film: Makeup

2017 Project E: Makeup/ Fx Makeup

2016 The Rock Channel: Millennials The Musical: Makeup/hair

2016 My name is Lamar: Makeup

2016 Silence: fx build: Makeup

2016 Black Lightning: Makeup Artist

2016 Sienna's choice: Makeup Dept Head

2016 You Never Listen: Key Makeup Artist

2015 The Temptation Game: Makeup

2014 Dsp&s: Key Makeup

2014 Rule #61 Abby Cornish :Two hours in the dark team

2014 Primrose Lane: Makeup /Special effects

2014 The Watcher: Makeup/ Special effects 

2013 Minnow Tank: Makeup/hair

2013 Selfish: Makeup/hair

 2013 Natures Scavenger:  Special effects/ Makeup

2013 Who is like God: Special Effects / makeup

2013 Happily Ever Spinster: Special Effects/ Makeup

2013 Dance in Flight: Makeup/ Hair

2013 Real Glitter: Special Effects/ Makeup

2013 Whats in the Case: Special Effects/ Makeup

2013 Warehouse One: Special Effects/ Makeup 

2013 Want to be a Gangster: Special Effects


2016 Assasin's Creed: Makeup

2016 Best Fiends: Makeup

2014 Horse Hogg: Key makeup

2014 Wonderland: key makeup 

2014 Texas chainsaw massacre: Key Makeup


2017: Amgen Corporate Videos 6/6, 6/13, 7/11, 7/12, (M2G Media): Makeup

2017: US Trust (Newfangled Studios): Makeup

2017 Heineken x MLS (Shoot to Kill): Makeup

2016 Amgen Demo videos ( M2G Media): Makeup/ hair

2015 (Sept) I grow hair campaign 2 (M2G Media): Key Makeup

2015 Igrow hair campaign (M2G Media): Key Makeup

 Web Series

2013 Ralphie: Special Effects makeup

2013 College Humor: Pee Dance: Key Makeup

2013 Classic Alice: Key Makeup

 Music Videos

2017 Noah Parker Music Video "Tomorrows Too Late" : Makeup

2017 Happy street Music Video (Happy Street Entertainment): Makeup

2016 Delpoosh: Makeup Artist

2015 Nico Vinz: Prosthetics: Makeup/ Hair

2015 Alex Dione- Chingalinga Ft. Jason Derulo : Makeup background dancers

2014 Song: "Applause" Remixed by DJ Dominic Carter

2013 Blue Ocean Floor unofficial video: Director –Casey


2013 Dysonna City Art Gallery fashion show 2012

2013 Dysonna City Art Gallery fashion show 2013

2013 USA Pageant in Pasadena 2013

2013 World Champion of Performing arts 2013


Monster Energy's calendar for 2014: makeup


2016 Radiotopia: Makeup Artist

Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theater- prosthetics


Milo Gibson

Nora Jane Noone

Chris Marquette

Logan Paul

Sean Patrick Flanery

Eric Balfor

Abbie Cornish

Nicole Silva ( Australian actress) 

Glenn Howerton

Kim Coates


Nick Bates

Liz Bohnsack

Michelle Ehlen

Frankie George

Kate Hackett

Alex Kahuam

Josh Landa

Jeremy Lipsey

Christian Luna

Andrew Morgan

Ben Nedivi

Joe O'Neil

Alexandra Palmer

Nick Phillips

Stargaze Photography 

Jesse Raven

Julie Richardson

Richard Ryan

Claudia Savinon

Adam Sholder

Julie Sullivan

Bill Szobody

Gary Tunnicliffe


Nigels Beauty Emporium

 FX Shops

Two Hours in the Dark 2013 to current.